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Homework Policy

Homework Policy


1. Purpose of Homework

In Xinmin Primary School, we believe that homework is beneficial to our students as it

  • reinforces learning and deepens understanding of lessons taught
  • allows studentsto regularly practise and apply skills and concepts taught
  • develops good study habits

2. Types of Homework

Homework is varied in type in accordance with the needs of students and the objectives of the subject.  It could include the   following activities:-

  • revision of what was taught in class
  • reading comprehension
  • writing composition
  • learning vocabulary
  • project work

Homework excludes studying for tests and examinations.

3. What teachers would do

  • Design appropriate and meaningful homework
  • Set realistic deadlines for submission of homework
  • Establish and communicate clear expectations to students on the purpose and procedure of homework
  • Coordinate with other teachers of the class on the frequency and quantity of homework to be given
  • Update the homework assignment whiteboard daily
  • Check homework and provide timely feedback to students
  • Provide timely intervention and support to students; and
  • Engage parents on homework matters and provide them with information pertaining to students’ learning progress.

4. What students should do

  • Refer to the homework whiteboard in the classroom for homework assignments
  • Record the homework assignments in the Student’s Handbook & Diary
  • Ensure that homework assignments are brought home to be completed and not left in school
  • Manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time
  • Give his/her best effort in completing homework

5. What parents can do

  • Check the Student’s Handbook & Diary daily to view the homework assignment for the day
  • Provide a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework
  • Supervise and provide support for your child’s learning
  • Reinforce good study habits and attitudes
  • Work in partnership with teachers to support child’s learning and development
  • Remind your child to complete school homework first

6. What the school considers when assigning homework

The school is mindful about students’ overall well-being; we want to ensure that they have enough time to rest and take part in social/physical activities with their families or by themselves.

We use the following guidelines when assigning homework:

  • Maximum weekly amount of time that students should spend to complete their homework assignments:
Level Approximate Daily Homework Load


Maximum Weekly Homework Load (Mon-*Sat)
P1 45mins 5hrs
P2 45mins 5hrs
P3 1hr 7hrs
P4 1hr 7hrs
P5 2hrs 10hrs
P6 2hrs 10hrs

*Sat- Homework for Saturday will be issued by Friday.

  • English, Mother Tongue and Science Spelling tests will not be conducted on the same day.
  • No homework to be given over festive holidays; e.g. Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas. No test or spelling to be conducted on the school day immediately after the festive holiday.
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