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Organisation Structure

Subject Head: Ms Eileen Chia


Mdm Norsekha Bte Juman Mrs Nancy D
Ms Priya
Mdm Siti Awalliah Mdm Norliana Mr M Murugappan
Mdm Malini Miss Lau Shu Mei Mdm Prisca Fernandez
Mdm Annuratha Veilathurai

Key Programmes

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. The Science Department recognizes the role Xinmin Primary School needs to play in helping to “Green” Singapore. Hydroponics not only gives pupils the opportunity to learn more about hydroponics and how plants grow, it also provides the school with the opportunity to do its part in “greening” the Environment. The vegetables grown also serve another purpose: helping those less fortunate then us. Vegetables harvested were sold to paremts. The money collected from the sales of the vegetables was then donated to one of the welfare homes adopted by the school.

Learning Journeys (Field Trips)


The Science Department recognises that Pupils have difficulties answering the open-ended section of the Science assessment. Pupils’ answers are often not logical and do not answer the question. The Science Department has introduced the “KISS THAT TOP CAT AGAIN” strategy to pupils to help them perform better in the open-ended component in the Science Paper.

In this strategy, pupils must be able to:

KISS – Identify the Key Words and Information in the question.

TOP – Identify the Topic being tested.

AGAIN – Write the Answer.

Science Discovery Week (2016 Term 3 Week 10)

“Are you smarter than a P1 kid?”, Straw Rocket making and Wire Loop challenge, were some of the highlights for this year’s Science Discovery Week organised by the Science Department from 29-31 August after the examination week. Not only were the students exposed to various games, experiments and exhibitions, they also had the chance to shop for Science books and gadgets from Maple Science.

The primary objectives of the Science fair are to ignite the students’ love for Science and for them to have awareness that Science is everywhere.  Students learnt about life science and physical science through the various experiments, games and exhibits. Excitement was all around as students enthusiastically came up to the various booths to either pit their knowledge against their friends or have a hands-on as scientist for the day. For their participations, students were given custom made Pokemon Go stickers from each booth they visited and upon collecting at least six stickers on their activity card, they could redeem a token and keep their activity card as a momento.

The Science fair too had great partnership with the many parent and student volunteers who made the whole event a success.


Science Dept (Wire Loop Challenge.) Science Dept (Life Science exploration) Science Dept (Straw Rocket making)

 Wire Loop Challenge.

Life Science exploration

 Straw Rocket making

Science Dept (Game Booths) Science Dept (Koh Zhi jie)
  The various game booths – Charade, Hangman, Draw Something and Heads Up A qualified redemption by Koh Zhi Jie with his straw rocket.
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