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Malay Language

Malay Language


To develop students who are knowledgeable and contributes to the society


To recognise and understand the role of Malay Language and Malay culture as part of Singapore’s diverse society.

Organisation Structure

Subject Head:  Mdm Azlinah

Members:         Mdm Siti Fatimah
             Mdm Zarina
                          Mdm Ruhaidah

Key Programmes

P3: MTL Fortnight: Staging Drama based on Malay Folk Tales

In alignment with MOE’s focus on oral skills, P3 students were given an opportunity to practice their oral skills through this year’s Mother Tongue Language Fortnight activity. They started the fortnight by learning various ways of projecting their voices clearly with correct diction. This is followed by an introduction to the Malay folklore ‘Si Tanggang’.

With assigned roles, students practiced their script reading in their small groups followed by combining all small group performances into a 20 minute performance involving everybody in the class. Students were excited to re-enact the story that they have learnt. More importantly, they have been given an opportunity to practice the use of Malay Language in a fun way and inadvertently learnt about the value of filial piety. At the end of two weeks, when asked about what they have learnt most during the activity, the students were able to articulate why filial piety is important in our everyday life. Students were also given a recording of the play to share with their parents.

N1 Cluster Traditional Games Competition

On 12 August 2016, the N1 cluster organised and inter school traditional games competition. All schools in N1 cluster took part in the different traditional games manned by the student leaders. The participants were exposed to different types of traditional games. Students moved through different stations and competed against each other to attain marks for their groups. Activity ended with a prize giving ceremony with awards given not only for achievement but also for sportsmanship. Students went home with new knowledge of traditional games that they have not experienced before and new friends that they have met through this activity.

P5 Cultural Camp: Learning journey to Kampong Glam with ipod

This year, P5 Malay Language students took their learning outside the classroom when they went on a learning journey to Malay historical sites in Kampung Glam. We integrated the use of ICT by introducing to them the use of IPOD. Ipods were used to take pictures and answer questions when they reach certain pit stops. Students worked in groups to solve problems and complete activities just like an amazing race. Through this experiential learning strategy, students were able to actively use the language to hone in their skills by thinking on their feet in order to complete their tasks. Key take-aways from this experiential learning would be their increased knowledge of the various landmarks related to the Malay culture and its significance.


  1. Ipad APP ‘Pintar Kata’ competition 2016 organised by MLCS
  2. Essay writing competition 2016 organised by Persatuan Bahasa Nuha
Kategori Nama Penganugerahan
A Nur Amalina Basri Gold- Finalist *
B Rehan Khan Bin Mohamad Fadill Gold
B Siti Nurshafiza Binte Azeman Gold
C Siti Nabilah Binte Riszuwan Gold
C Siti Naqiyah Binte Riszuwan Gold – Finalist *
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