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Tamil Language

Tamil Language


Every Tamil student in Xinmin Primary to have a strong foundation in Tamil language and culture


To enthuse pupils towards the love of the Tamil language


Organization Structure

Subject Head: Mrs Shanmugam
Members:        Mrs Mahandra
Ms Aneesa



Level Programme Term
P1 & P2 Speech & Drama workshop Term 4
P3 Mother Tongue Fortnight (Puppetry) Term 2
P4 Visit to Pongal Fair at Little India Term 1
P5 Cultural Camp Term 3
Tamil Learning Fest Term 2
Tamil Fest Term 3
P6 Post-PSLE Exam Activites Term 4



Level Competitions
P1 & P2 Singing
Spelling Bee
P3 & P4 Story telling
Composition writing
P5 & P6 Oratorical
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Composition writing


Programme Highlights

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Puppetry)

Mother Tongue Fortnight has been part of the long tradition that Xinmin Primary holds in celebrating the Tamil languages and embracing the it`s cultures. As such, the P3 Tamil students participated actively in Story telling via puppetry this year. The students made their own hand-made puppets and created their own story in groups and discovered the joy of learning and bringing stories to life.



Visit to Pongal Fair at Little India

Pongal, which means the boiling of milk and rice to signify abundance and prosperity celebrating the Tamil New Year. The P4 Tamil students visited the annual Festival Village at the pedestrianised Campbell Lane, which offered Indian delicacies, decorations, traditional outfits and henna.

Over at Hastings Road, a Cultural Village showcased the vast culture, heritage and tradition of the Indian community. It also included a heritage exhibition and cattle farm. The students learnt through experiential learning on how harvest festival is celebrated.


P5 Cultural Camp

This year, P5 Tamil students went on a heritage trial to visit Little India. Students visited the indian sweetmeats shop, indian clothing shops, flower tying shop. The students used the Ipods to take pictures, record videos and answer questions when they reach each station.

tamiltamil tamil2


P5 Tamil Learning Fest

The P5 Tamil pupils visited the Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre on the 20th February 2016 to be part of the Tamil Language Learning Fest. Students were given the platform to be given hands-on approach by attending two out of the breakout sessions and to attend one finale session which will be a concert showcasing the Indian Cultural Aspects. The breakout sessions were allowed the participants to understand and appreciate how the language is being extensively used, at various settings in a varied manner.



P5 Tamil Fest

The P4 and P5 Tamil students attended the Tamil Festival organized by the Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre on Saturday, 6 August 2016.The students were present to witness the Tamil language, culture and heritage based activities and programs and were enthralled by the various activities. The students participated in cultural showcase items such as Karakattam, Puliyaattam, Kaalaiyaattam, Urumi Melam, Aanandhakoothu, Traditional Arts Performance, Fabric design printing and Indian Folk Games. These components allowed the students to have a first-hand experience in understanding, appreciating various cultural components and to attain an in-depth understanding of the cultural items.

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