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Every Xinminite is an artist and a musician.

Nurturing the Passion for the Arts (Visual Arts and Performing Arts) in every Xinminite.


SH Aesthetics: Ms Michelle Teo


Art Music
Mdm Norsekha

(Art Senior Teacher and Art coordinator)

Ms Tan Jing Yi
Mrs Nizam Mdm Ng Run Ling
Mdm Prisca Fernandez Mr Ong Ding Yi
Mdm Esther Joy Low


  • Xinmin Got Talent
  • Aesthetics Week
  • In-House Art Gallery
  • Music Showcase
  • ARTS Alive! @ Recess
  • Art Learning Journeys
  • P1 & P2 Talent Identification for Aesthetics CCAs
  • P3 Talent Identification for Aesthetics CCAs
  • Aesthetics Leaders training
  • Singapore Youth Festival participation by Aesthetics CCAs

2017 Events

  • SYF Art 2017
  • Performing heARTs (Aesthetics CCA performance night, 7 Apr 2017) 
  • P4 Art Learning Journeys to National Gallery (2 Feb to 3 Mar 2017)
Name of Activity Primary 4 Art Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore
Detail of Activity This art experiential learning journey provided opportunities for students to understand and appreciate both historical and contemporary art works.

Students had visited three exhibitions: The Permanent Gallery Exhibit, the Artist and Empire (En)countering Colonial Legacies Exhibit and the Kembara Tanah Liat Clay Travels Exhibit.

Hightlights of Activity
  • art must be experienced in person to truly get a sense of its magnitude (a true visual feast)
  • understand the use of elements of art (colour, shape, form, texture and space) in art works
  • see and appreciate the best in contemporary art works done by famous local and international artists
  • friendly and knowledgeable tour facilitators who can tell you all about the art that you are seeing in addition to some things about the artist
  • informal learning environment that expose students to in-depth information on a subject, and the nature of the gallery environment
  • To explore art that influence our understanding of contemporary life
  • To understand what inspired the artworks and the processes used to develop and create them
  • To appreciate the sculptural clay art works of celebrated local artist Iskandar Jalil
Venue:  National Gallery Singapore
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • Aesthetics Department (Art)
  • Teacher-in-charge: Mdm Prisca
4A 02-Feb
4B 03-Feb
4C 17-Feb
4D 16-Feb
4E 02-Mar
4F 03-Mar
School Core Values / Other Values
Care – Show care and consideration towards other visitors to the Art Gallery.

Respect – Greet tour facilitators. When the facilitators were talking about the art pieces, students listen attentively and raise their hands to ask questions.

Responsibility – Being careful near Artefacts and not touching art pieces during the tour.

Resilience – Talk softly throughout the one-hour tour.

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